Your Spine is Your Life’s Backbone
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Your Spine is Your Life’s Backbone
Live Pain-free
Schedule an appointment with us & discover a whole new way to treat your spine
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About Us

We Are Spine is a multi-disciplinary clinic dedicated to healing spine- and back-related conditions. Our team of renowned spine specialists with extensive clinical experience has helped over 5000 patients recover from back pain.
Back pain is experienced by over 60% of the people worldwide, at least once in their lifetime. Yet, treating it remains a challenge, probably due to its myriad underlying causes ranging from diseases and genetics to lifestyle and injuries. Intriguingly, the same condition may result in excruciating pain in a person, while causing a bearable mild pain in another. This necessitates an individual-centric approach for recovery.
At, We Are Spine, we employ the latest techniques and scientific understanding to devise treatment strategies with activity modifications, ergonomic changes, counseling, and rehabilitation at the core; we employ medication and surgical interventions only as the last resort. Not only do we believe in personalized treatment, but we believe that a person plays a key role in his or her pain alleviation. Experts at We Are Spine guide you on how to manage as well as prevent back pain and live a pain-free life!

Our Way


For effective pain treatment, it is imperative to diagnose the underlying condition. We employ an array of tests to identify the root cause.


Depending on the diagnosis, rehabilitation, ergonomic modifications, and counseling are our first choice for treatment.

Minimally invasive surgery

To reduce any chances of surgical complications, we perform minimally invasive endoscopic procedures in cases warranting surgery.

Preventive measures

We guide individuals on how to prevent first or recurrent back pain by suggesting lifestyle changes and appropriate exercises.

Our Specialties

Degenerative Spine Conditions

Age-related wear and tear causes loss of structure or function in the spine.

Pediatric Spinal Deformities

Spinal deformities in children may occur due to birth defects neuromuscular or even injuries.

Cervical Spine Disorders

Conditions affecting the upper region of the spine and can cause neck pain or stiffness.

Spinal Tumors

Primary or secondary tumors may cause back pain due to nerve compression or bone damage.

Spine & Back Pain Specialists in Mumbai

Our Well Qualified Doctors

Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj is the first dedicated specialised spine surgeon in India. He was the first doctor and surgeon in India who decided to dedicate himself to spine care.

Dr. Abhay Nene, an alumnus of TN Medical College, graduated as a medical doctor in 1995, and later completed his postgraduate training in Orthopaedic Surgery in 1998.

Dr. Sheetal Mohite completed his basic medical education at Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune University in 1995. After the internship, he chose orthopedics.

Dr Raghuprasad Varma completed his basic medical education at the Grant Medical College in Mumbai. Thereafter, he did his MS in Orthopaedics at the Bombay Hospital.

Dr. Premik Nagad did his basic medical education and Diploma in Orthopaedics in Bijapur, Karnataka at Shri BM Patil Medical. After his diploma in Orthopaedics,

Dr. Patel has done his fellowship at Dr. Shekhar Bhojraj’s Spine Foundation. He also has extensive international training from coveted spine institutions,

Patients’ Testimonials

Our patient's journey to freedom from pain!
I was suffering from back pain from 7/8 Months & was unable to understand if it was a major/minor pain. I consulted We Are Spine & I am glad with my decision to do so. My back pain has gone & I would highly recommend We Are Spine for anyone suffering from back/neck pain.
Manish Gupta
Best specialist clinic for back and shoulder treatment. I took treatment of 2 months for my neck and shoulder pain and happy to share that I am very much relieved in pain and recommend others to go for We Are Spine without any second thought.
Diljit Malhotra
WeAreSpine's diagnose and treatment methods are very systematic, they help to make the healing process much easier.
Hetal Kothari
One of the finest spine clinics in the country, WeAreSpine is highly recommended for anyone with a nagging back or neck pain.
Jitendra Gursingh
WeAreSpine helped me diagnose my knee problems at an early stage, which made it better for me to get treated on time.
Bansari Rachh

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